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HBM Graders – general characteristic

HBM graders are synonymous with high reliability and price competitiveness. Standard configuration includes front dozer blade with position indicator, rear ripper with depth penetration indicator, and  air-conditioned cabin with a steering wheel, which makes them fit to drive legally on the public roads. Cabins are tiltable for easy access to the main components.


HBM graders are among the most technologically advanced graders on the market. Their hydrodynamic rear axle drive with  6-speed ZF Ergopower transmission and a torque converter ensure maximum pulling power on all 4 wheels, smooth movements and maximum tractive effort.  Combined with hydrostatic front wheel drive, HBM graders guarantee excellent working performance and accuracy.


Good visibility is essential for safe and productive operation of equipment. Fully glazed cabin doors and sloped engine hood of HBM graders provide for good visibility of the mouldboard and of the working area. Rear view camera and additional camera mounted on the mouldboard are available as options.

Operator’s Comfort

HBM graders boast one of the most comfortable cabins in the industry. Ergonomic joystick controls reduce the range of hand and arm motions by 78% as compared with the traditional lever controls. The driver’s seat is air-suspended, heated and adjustable. The adjustable steering pedestal, tinted cabin glass, air-con and optional radio ensure operator’s comfort.

Warranty and Post-warranty Support

Optional extended warranty packages are available in place of the manufacturer’s standard warranty of 12 months or 1,000 working hours. Our well-stocked spare parts warehouse and qualified field service teams guarantee prompt support throughout the country. 

More information:
telephone: +48 662 589 449, email: mariola.karwowska@full.com.pl

Optional Equipment

Depending on application, 3 types of cutting edges are available:

  • Cutting edge with carbide cutters
  • Flat cutting edge
  • Flat cutting edge with carbide lip


Nóż do lemiesza

An attachment for HBM graders, allows for reduced number of passes to achieve the desired effect.


Tylny zgarniacz

For improved visibility, ease and accuracy of work, we recommend to install additional LED lighting.

Równiarka HBM w śniegu

– reversing camera

– camera directed at the mouldboard

– stereo radio with CD, Bluetooth

– CB radio

– fridge

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