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  • New and used motor grader 3-23 tonnes
  • Joystick steering
  • Wheel drive which allow to drive on a public roads
  • Air conditioning
  • Wide range of optional equipped according to special customers expectations
  • 100% electric model available


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Równiarki HBM

Autoryzowany dealer w Polsce!

  • Modele od 14 do 23 ton
  • Sterowanie za pomocą Joysticków
  • Kierownica umożliwiająca poruszanie się po drogach publicznych
  • Klimatyzacja 
  • Opcjonalne wyposażenie konfigurowane według indywidualnych potrzeb klientów



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What worth to know about HBM road graders?

First of all, HBM road graders are characterised by the use of a number of innovative solutions that certainly contribute to their reliability. Mainly, they are one of the few machines in the world to be equipped with a hydrodynamic rear-wheel tandem drive. This consists of a torque converter. The torque converter is located in front of the gearbox. Thanks to this solution, HBM graders achieve extremely high torque on all 4 wheels. Consequently, excellent acceleration values are guaranteed, even under full machine load. In addition, in combination with the hydrostatic front drive, HBM road graders effortlessly and with high precision perform the work of even the toughest grading tasks.  

What is worth mentioning HBM graders are also equipped with a steering wheel for driving on public roads. As a result, the machines meet all the current requirements of the European Union in terms of, for example, exhaust emission standards.

Certainly the standard of equipment on HBM graders leaves no doubt that they are high-class machines. They are equipped with a front plough with position indicator, as well as a rear ripper with position indicator, a floating moldboard and a closed circle. What’s more, drive 6×6 with ± 17º front axle inclination and a left-to-right pivot angle of 30º with a breakaway indicator, make manoeuvring and operating the machine much easier.

Why do grader operators recommend the HBM brand?

In the age of the employee market, employers need to focus on organising comfortable working conditions. Hence, ensuring adequate comfort is one of the main objectives of HBM road grader manufacturers. Consequently, any comments regarding suitable working conditions are discussed on an ongoing basis and implemented in production as soon as possible.

Furthermore, HBM graders are machines characterised by excellent visibility of the working area. On the one hand, the ergonomic cab on HBM graders was designed to allow operators to perform his work comfortably from a seated position. On the other hand, the grader is equipped with a comfortable pneumatic seat and an adjustable steering column. At the same time, prper layout of the cab’s ergonomics has a influence in reducing its height, which has significant impact in transport costs.

What is worth to distinguish the vast majority of graders which gain interest of operators are equipped with Joysticks, which allow the operation of all grader functions. As standard, the cab of HBM motor graders is equipped with a reversing camera, air conditioning as well as heating. In addition, to increase working comfort, the machine can be fitted with a blade-view camera, a front-mounted camera that makes manoeuvring and driving on public roads easier. Undoubtedly, good visibility ensures safety and proper quality of work, so it is worth taking this aspect into consideration during deciding on a grader model.

Does it worth to buy graders from an authorized dealer?

First of all, Full Maszyny Budowlane, as an authorised dealer of HBM graders, has many years of experience in selecting the right machines for road construction. Due to their knowledge of the latest trends, as well as innovative solutions appearing on the market, the advice of an authorised dealer is a real support. Above all, it allows to choose the best machine configuration to meet specific expectations. What is more, the authorised dealer must meet the requirements set by the manufacturer. Therefore, it provides warranty and post-warranty support for the machines, as well as the constant availability of spare parts. An additional advantage of Full Maszyny Budowlane is also the manoeuvring area for testing the machines. In addition to new machines for sale, Full Maszyny Budowlane also sells used machines, which are subject to thorough verification. In summary, when you buy graders at Full Maszyny Budowlane, you are assured that the machines are ready to work. Consequently, you are ensuring a comprehensive service for yourself and your machine.

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